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Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Stockpile Saturday ~ 12/5/2015

I decided maybe I should start a weekly blog post called "Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Stockpile Saturday" of what I've added to my stockpile lately via purchases, crafting, donations, etc.

Here's what we added this week:

We got these washcloths from Kohls...we were purchasing something else from them online and checked RetailMeNot and found a coupon code for $10 off $50, as we were already buying $40 worth, we threw in two $5 sets of washcloths, so they
were FREE!!!

When Oriental Trading Company had their free shipping last week I bought these Desk Plates, they were on clearance for $2.88 normally $19.  There were 24 in the pack so it worked out to 12 cents a piece!  I wasn't sure what they were going to be like, but they arrived and were great!  I put an index card case I had on hand in the photo to show a size comparison and as an example of the plastic-the desk plates are of a slightly thinker plastic than the case.  They have lots of great information for school, and if they can't use it for that, it's still colorful!  I plan to watch for them in the future, they have a few different ones to pick from some plastic, some paper.

A friend of my mom's gave her a gift certificate to a discount craft store for shoebox items.  Mom was hopping to be able to go herself, but her health hasn't been good this year, so while my sister and I were running errands today we stopped at the store and picked up some things to go in shoeboxes-had SO much fun getting to pick things out-most of these items were on closeout...even better!  We may craft out of them, or send them for the recipients to craft with...lace to add to the sewing kits and I also saw some cute little pearl head pins I just had to get-so pretty for the girls to use.  Embroidery thread to tuck in corners-they could use it to make friendship bracelets, embroider something, or even use it as sewing thread in a pinch.  Charms to make necklaces with ribbon.   All of that was mainly for my 10-14 year old girl boxes, but I got a set of safety pins to split up for my dad to send in his 10-14 year old boy boxes-great for so many things.  It came up to just 3 cents over and as the owner was checking me out and as she knew what it was for, she said not to worry about digging out change-FREE!!!

My mom and sister have been crocheting up caps from scraps we had laying around, they got 20 done so far since national collection week.  We normally get enough donated for the shoeboxes we pack, so these will probably go to the processing center to be used as fillers.  They'd be great to fill up spaces in boxes that are a little under packed.

Used from our shoebox gift card winnings: $2.88

Added to stockpile:
  • 12 washcloths
  • 20 winter hats
  • 24 Desk plates
  • Craft supplies:
    • 28 necklace charms
    • 46 packages of hem lace
    • 1 pack of safety pins
    • 160 skeins of embroidery thread
    • 1 pack pearl headed pins

Shopping year round for dozens of shoeboxes does take money.   You may want to check out how we Find Extra Money for Packing Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.

Happy Stockpiling!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning: Would you be able to tell me what pattern was used for the crocheted hats? I am looking for a simple, quick hat that I can make for our boxes. Thank you Kate

gail kent said...

Hope that all boxes were able to be filled to full capacity. Hopefully more people will send more fillers. I sent 3 extra plastic boxes that were packed full for fillers. Prayers that each child receives a box of love that will lead them to Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to be so blunt, but that box breaks my heart. My opinion is to make less boxes and fill them up. I always have a hard time closing my boxes and I understand everyone can't buy and pack as I do, but there must be something small and inexpensive that could fill that box if more people would just shop during the year when there are sales and clearance.

Sarah said...

Kate-here's a link to the pattern they're using: http://www.clipwithpurpose.com/crocheted-hats-finding-purpose-through-crafting/ It's pretty easy as I understand, they're mainly working on them while watching TV.

Sarah said...

I agree, shop year round, and only pack as many boxes as you can fill, and send fillers for those who can't. It seems better to impact 1 kid really well, rather than send 10 boxes and no one being truly happy.

Chelle Buskill said...

Will be adding to your stash come the New Year... working up sets of things and am curious how many I can make from Halloween to the New Year...let's just say boxes and fillers will have a whole lot of handmade love. Lots of bright colors too! Snagged some of the lace myself... trying to play around and find out another project to do for the boxes, will share when I finally figure it out.

Sarah said...

Sounds great Chelle! Thanks so much for your hard work! Can't wait to see all the goodies! Look forward to seeing what you come up with with the lace...seems there must be something GREAT to do...if we could just figure it out-haha!

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.