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Throwback Thursday ~ Winter/Christmas Themed OCC Shoeboxes

If you've been following Simply Shoeboxes on Facebook, you may have seen my "Throwback Thursday" posts of Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes I've sent over the years.  I thought I'd share some on here for those of you not on Facebook.  I thought now, before, the after-Christmas-clearance (that I really hope to hit) in case they inspired anyone else.  I love making themes around clearance items-save money AND have themes!  

NOTE:  In the USA starting in 2017 we need to not send candy or toothpaste anymore, these are from past years when those things were okay.

When I make a themed Operation Christmas Child shoebox, I don't leave out anything on my list-I still put in hygiene, school, and art supplies, as well as toys including a ball and stuffed animal.  I just try to find versions of what I'm putting in that goes with the theme and occasionally an extra item or two.  Please note that these are from past years before Samaritan's Purse was really emphasizing to pack standard sized shoeboxes, so a few of these may be in larger boxes then I would send with what I know now, and some may have less then I'd send now or that year's list of basic items I planned to pack might be different than this year's...I view OCC shoebox packing as a journey where I'm always trying to learn more about how to pack the most fun and useful box possible.

Several of my favorite Operation Christmas Child Themed Shoeboxes

Christmas Tree Themed Operation Christmas Child Shoebox
Christmas tree themed shoebox ~10-14 Girl~2012.  I found that darling little tree on clearance and had to get it to send to a girl who might not get to have a free.  Then I built a box around it-doll & dog to go with the tree (I put in beads on hooks for ornaments), tree themed (on clearance) towels, book, notebook, puzzle,
crafts, candy, socks, etc.  Once again, this box contained all the normal things I'd put in, just ones that had trees on them, plus the tree & board book as the bonus items.

Deer themed OCC shoebox.
Deer themed shoebox~2012.  I think this was for a boy, but not 100% on that or the age.  You can see I found a deer notebook, stuffed toy, and BB maze on clearance to make the theme, the wrapping paper also had a deer on it.

Snowman themed Operation Christmas Child shoebox.Snowman themed ~10-14 Girl~2013.  This one was so fun to pull together!!  The snowman on the left was a lid to a plastic cookie type box you can see on the lower left (thought it'd be good for the girl to be able to store things in). The snowman bag in the back right holds a mini Chinese Checkers game. Also a stuffed snowman, windup walking snowman, Pez Snowman, Snowman towel, Snowman gift bag  snowman pad of paper, plus other items not on-theme.
On of my favorite and oft repeated themes is penguins, sometimes just the theme was just the animal, sometimes...MUCH more: 

Penguin theme box for Operation Christmas Child
2007: This looks like a small/light box to me now, but it's a good reminder we're always seeking to improve out packing of our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  And as I look over it I realize it does have all the basics. 
Hygiene Supplies: soap, washcloth, comb, toothbrush.  School Supplies: lined paper, pens, pencils pencil sharpener.  Art supplies: plain paper & crayons.  Toys: Stuffed penguin, boat, ball.  Bonus items: gum, candycanes, lifesavers, socks, and a card from me.

2008.  Another lighter packing year, but once again the basics are all covered, and from another photo I know I also squeezed in a flashlight.  I think these were years we weren't doing as well collecting year-round, so had less smaller items to add in.

Penguin theme 5 to 9 year old girl Operation Christmas Child shoebox.

2012~5-9 Girl.  Back to year-round and an overflowing OCC shoebox!  From the theme I had  
Clothes: the shirt and my mom made me a matching skirt, socks, & mittens.
School: Lined paper, notebook, pencil.
Toys: Stuffed animal, puzzle, rubber ducky, BB maze, & wind up penguin.
Random Items: the zipper sealed bags, small tin, candy, bags (could use to carry items), gift tags (more like small note cards), & Penguin hockey trading cards!  Plus the other basic items that weren't from the theme.

Packed OCC shoebox with penguin.
2013~10-14 Girl.   This had the penguin and wrapping paper , plus maybe a couple other items.  Loved the stamp I got to decorate the card.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog & always check it to see what you have bought to put into your shoeboxes. I also try & shop all year long to have plenty of items come Christmas time. I also had a friend of mine give me their Beanie Baby collection to use for next year. She must of had over 100 of cute Beanie Babies!!! I can't wait to start filling boxes!!! God bless you & thank you for all of your great ideas.

Sarah said...

You're welcome-happy to be helpful! Glad you enjoy my posts. Yay for Beanie Baby collections! I bet you can't wait!

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.