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"Nesting" When Packing Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

I've posted a couple times (here & here) about how to get more to fit in your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes by removing packaging.  Today I'd like to share another way we fit more in.  I've decided to term it "nesting" for lack of a better term.  It is the idea of putting one shoebox item inside another one.  I first really got into doing this when I had a couple small puzzles to send...didn't really want to take it out of the box as I had with toys, but it seemed to take up too much
room to leave as is, this is what I came up with:

UPDATE August 2017:  Some images have vanished from this post.  We are trying to find them and fix it.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

I ended up doing it multiple times that year!

My aunt had a number of cups and she put some of her smaller items like cars, toothpaste, etc in them, unfortunately I don't have a photo of that as it was really cute!  But here's a photo that kind of shows it from a few years ago, bottom right:

This year my mom and I are using some tins and, here's some of what we are putting in some of those.  Most are not done/full yet, waiting until packing time to finish "stuffing"...but it gives one an idea what can go in other things:

I've put fabric in with my sewing kits, you can see it in the front right of this box in the yellow plastic case with sewing supplies.  Also didn't realize until I uploaded it that you can also see a small case I got for a penny at Office Max back to school sales stuffed full of mini card game, heart BB maze, stencils, and stickers.

We filled our pencil cases both because it made it easier on packing day to be sure we had everything and because the cases are soft and will fill up the holes around the uneven items included:

Even in this small travel game I managed to tuck a few more things!

In the recessed edges of this plastic case I was able to tuck socks, etc:

Just an idea to consider to be able to send as much as possible in as little room as possible-we're trying to send the fun & useful items, not air...although I did recently read an article about a company selling bottled air....LOL!  Another advantage to doing this is I've read in some cultures it's not polite to give an empty bag, etc.

Happy Packing...stuffing...cramming!  :)  How do you fit more in your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes?


Unknown said...

I use empty Crystal Light containers, good way to pack a bar of soap and wash cloth, prevents soap fragrance from ruining the candy.
The CL containers can also be used for school supplies. I put 3 pens, 3 mechanical pencils, large eraser, pencil sharpener, scissors and several markers or highliters inside. This keeps small items together and uses very little space.

Linda K said...

The tall plastic water bottles are perfect for transporting lots of stuff, including colored pencils, pens, toothbrush with cap (or wrapped in plastic & taped shut), comb, 6" ruler. After tall stuff is inserted, small erasers, rubber balls, matchbox car, etc. are added. They slip easily to bottom and around tall stuff. Sometimes we can fit, at the very top, a plastic slinky spring with sm rubber ball nested inside it (sits on top of pencils).
So kids have something to put all their school supplies into, I sew pencil pouches and place one (empty) in the bottom of each box.
After experimenting, we found water bottles work better for school supplies in boxes instead of fitting a full pencil pouch in a box.

genealogyangel said...

I use water bottles for candy or other items, such as small toy animals. I find nice cardboard or tin boxes at Dollar Tree and fill them with hair supplies or panties for the girls, school supplies, or whatever will fit. When I include a dish, cup, and eating utensils, I always nest items in the dish and cup.

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.