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NEW SIGHT Toothbrush Review ~ Great for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

NEW SIGHT toothbrush review.One thing we always like to include in our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes is hygiene supplies-like a bar of soap, washcloth, comb, & toothbrush.  Sometimes toothbrushes can be a bit hard to find at a good price.  Just walking into a drug store could result in spending $2-$5.  Those would be very nice, but a bit expensive without coupons/deals, when I can sometimes get them free (see my blog Simply CVS if you want to know more about that).  Often you can find toothbrushes in multi-packs at dollar stores or bulk online, but I'm often concerned what the quality
is, and how long they'll last as they may be the only one the child has for some time.

A couple years recently we've found 10 packs of toothbrushes at Mighty Dollar for $1, so a dime each-great deal!  Several others have found them at other stores and even flea markets.  The first time we picked up a few as we needed them and opened one and gave the bristles a good tug and it seemed pretty good.  We found them again recently and I decided we should really test them to be able to make a wise decision going forward.

My sister agreed to try one (I tend to be tough on my toothbrushes, so she seemed a better choice).  She said the first couple times she used it a bristle fell out, but then that stopped, so they must just have never been attached.  She said it might not be exactly what she'd choose, but it worked fine.  She ended up using it for a month, and she brushes her teeth a few times a day, so it was probably used at least 100 times!  You can see how it held up in this photo.  She could have kept using it.

So, personally I think they are just fine.  Not the best, but a good option for the price.  The child can use it for quite a while, and with the savings you can put in another item, or if you do a lot of boxes, reach another child.  Personally I'll use them in my OCC shoeboxes if I don't get good deals on name brand ones, or maybe even include 2 per shoebox considering the price. Now, they may not have as tight of quality control, so they may not always be exactly the same, but a test does at least give an idea of the quality/what to expect.

I also reviewed three toothbrush options for packing in Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  You can see those here:  Three Toothbrushes from MDSupplies & Services Review.

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Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.