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Lots of Goodies for OCC Shoebox Stockpile Saturday ~ 2/25/2017

I decided to post our additions to our Operation Christmas Child shoebox stockpile a day early this week as I'm busy this evening and most of tomorrow at my church, so anything else I get this week will go on next week's post!

I stopped in Mighty Dollar to look for more of these foam puzzles-thankfully they still had some left in stock, and the clerk helpfully got me this box to carry them out in.  I plan to split each one up into 6 different kits with instructions and put them in the 5-9 year olds shoeboxes I plan to pack with the kids at church.

I also got some of the model cars to compare quality to HotWheels.   And some different options to try out for draw strings.  Here are some of the photos comparing to a HotWheel we had.  They weren't as bad as I thought.  They weighed less than half as much, and didn't have as much detail, but it rolled well and seemed decently sturdy.


I got some more of Dollar Tree soap with coupons like last week, 2 printable coupons and one insert coupon.

I got a good deal on some really nice toothbrushes at CVS this week!

My sister's been finding some new looking stuffed animals at a local charity thrift store.  Some still have tags on them.  If you are interested you can read why we include a stuffed animal in each of our shoeboxes.
Include a stuffed animal in Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

I hit Walgreen's 70% off Vday clearance and got these cute self-inking stamps!  (note: if you got these, you might want to tape the lids on-as my sister was taking them out of packaging she noticed they were lose and was concerned about them staying moist/working until they arrived, so she added a bit of tape)

I found a few fun little things at Hobby Lobby's 80% off Vday clearance.

My sister crocheted hats and attached the "Hand Made with Love tags" we designed.

Aunt Ida Hats

My mom sewed 5 of these reversible pencil cases, you can see instructions here

Pencil cases sewn for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

Spent from shoebox packing budget: $28.88

Spent from gift cards I earned or won online: $0.95

Added to stockpile:
  • 16 sets of 6 foam puzzles for a total of 96 bags of 3d puzzles
  • 5 die-cast cars
  • Drawstring for bags
  • 18 bars of soap
  • 2 toothbrushes
  • 7 stuffed animals
  • 10 stamps
  • 12 mini note-pads (probably for Pencil Granny pencil packs)
  • 36 lip whistles 
  • 8 hats
  • 5 pencil cases

What did you add to your Operation Christmas Child stockpile this week?

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Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.