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Discounted Craft Supplies from The Fabric & Yarn Lady ~ Great Source for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Crafting

Chelle, from Chelle's Caybees, donates hundreds of crocheted items each year to our Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing stockpile.  She is currently helping her friend sell off the stock from her closed discount craft store.  They are listing it on Etsy at The Fabric & Yarn Lady.

Bulk ribbon I purchased from The Fabric & Yarn Lady.  
This is grosgrain ribbon she sold by the yard in the store.  I use it on my dresses and skirts mostly.  I'll never find this price again so I've stocked up for the next few years.

They offer mostly bulk lots of discounted crafting supplies.  New listings are added almost daily and will continue for the next couple of months.  If you love to craft for your OCC shoeboxes as much as I do you may find some deals on craft supplies
you need.  I am checking in each day to be sure I don't miss anything that would help me craft more for my shoebox kids.

As I write this post, the following are some of the lots available.

There are several different lots available.

I see a lot of little crocheted or knitted bears out of that yarn.

Sarah adds this to her sewing kits.  She purchased some and Chelle donated some that was out of the packages.

Large lot of Zippers.  $18.00  -- Perfect for pencil cases or zipper jewelry.

They do their best to get the shipping down to the lowest possible cost.  If you have any questions about anything listed just contact them.  Chelle is great at helping and is very knowledgeable.  You can find them also on The Fabric & Yarn Lady's Facebook page.

Do you have favorite discount craft suppliers you shop at for your Operation Christmas Child shoebox crafting?  I'd love to hear about them.

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Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.