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Packing Weeks OCC Shoebox Stockpile Saturdays ~ 10/14/2017

This will actually be two week's worth of stockpiling, I was too busy packing to post-yay for packing shoeboxes!! 😊

First we stopped by a thrift store, and found a lot of stuffed animals, many new with tags, the rest like-new! 

These look like they will work for the kid's packing party!

These may be a bit big for the kids packing party, have to test them in our test/sample boxes...but they'll be used somehow.

These are some that might be too big for the kid's packing party, and a lot are Pooh themed which my Mom likes to do for her boxes!

These are some we needed for themes, (plus the black lamb was just TOO cute!).  I had a panda box half made, and no stuffed animal...then I found this one!

I forgot I'd requested this free sample, it came just in time for packing day and I was doing a butterfly themed 10-14 girl box!

Got some school supplies at CVS clearance, some 75% off, some 90% off, plus nail clippers free after a coupon.  I like getting "fancy" notebooks for my boxes...almost like a "wow" item in itself. 

I also ran by Dollar Tree to some lead for the mechanical pencils...hard to find 0.7 lead.

Stopped by  Dollar Generals for summer clearance.

Picked up some stickers for my dinosaur  themed box, some more leads, and a couple puzzles for 2-4 boxes.

Some more random fun stuff plus theme.

Some donated lace-for adding to sewing kits and my sister likes to put it in boxes because she's read a lot about hair styles in different cultures and she says a lot use things like that to braid in or tie up.

While some of us packed, others of us sewed tote bags and pencil cases...don't have photos of all of them here, some were packed as soon as sewn!

We also got our order of combs from MD Supplies and Services.   So that'll help us finish up the boxes!

Spent from shoebox packing budget: $106.21

Spent from gift cards earned or won online: $0 

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Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.