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Guidelines for Submitting a "Behind the OCC Shoeboxes ~ Stories of Sharing" Guest Post

I would love to have you tell your shoebox sharing story here at Simply Shoe Boxes.  I love hearing how others are involved behind the Operation Christmas Child shoebox scenes.

If you would like to submit your story as a guest post here please follow these guidelines.  We will contact you to let you know when your story will be shared.

Write your Story
  • Use an autobiographical form in 750 words or less.  
    • First person.
    • Keep paragraphs short.
    • The use of bullets or numbered items helps break up a long post and keeps readers reading.  Use them if possible, if not it is no problem.
  • Include items such as (you are not limited by this list, nor do you have to include these things):
    • How long have you been involved?
    • What got you interested?
    • What keeps you going?
    • Do you have a special memory from your involvement?
    • Do you have a shoe box specialty?  Such as:
      • Packing Parties.
      • Crafting for fillers.
      • Personally shopping for fillers.
      • Personally packing shoe boxes.
      • Are you a year round volunteer?
      • Are you an OCC employee?
      • Anything that details your story.
    • How do you raise funds or gather supplies you need?
    • Do you blog about it or keep a Facebook page?
      • Include links to these if you do.
  • Include images that illustrate your involvement.

Submit your Story
  • Email your story in email form to simply blogs @ live . com
    • Add Subject Line:  "Behind the Shoe Boxes Story"
  • Attach your images to the email.
I have never done a series of quest posts and may run into problems I do not see, but as of now I plan to post every story I receive.  If I begin receiving too many I may not be able to post them all in a timely manner.  But we will deal that when it happens and I will let you know if I may not be able to post all that I receive.

You can read thru the stories already published here:  Why I Pack Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.

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Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.