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After Christmas Clearance Shopping for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes 2014 (And Giveaway Win)

We have very few stores in our area and the ones we have are small which means their stock is small, too.  Finding things on clearance is not easy and it usually clears out quickly even at 50% off.  When I see images of clearance sales elsewhere I am shocked that there is more on clearance at those stores than my store ever had of the items to begin with.  So after Christmas Clearance Shopping is not one of our biggest Operation Christmas Child shoebox stockpile shopping times of the year like it is for so many others.  But Sarah went hunting, as always, hoping to find something for our shoe boxes.

Big Lots

These are decorated zipper bags and came out to 2 cents each.  The smaller snack bags have 60 in each pack making them just under 2 cents each and should be large enough for the candy.  Two cents is the best price I have gotten in the past few
years and it is fun to have the decorated ones.  I used a prepaid VISA gift card won in a giveaway for this and Fred's.

Fred's Super Dollar

These are the items she was able to pick up at Fred's.  The penguin cups will go perfectly with the other penguin items I received for Christmas.  The snowman pad was from Mighty Dollar.  Sarah likes to make letter writing sets for her older girls and will put a few of these sheets in each one.

Dollar Tree FREE Shopping Trip

Clearance shopping for packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

A couple months ago I received a $10 Dollar Tree gift card from a blog giveaway I entered and won.  My mind went to Dollar Tree dolls!  Sarah suggested I hang onto it for after Christmas clearance sales.  Great idea -- I was able to get twice as much!  These are the items she was able to find at ours (she said there wasn't much).  More penguins for our penguin themed boxes.  We ended up paying 14 cents after the gift card.

Were you able to get any after Christmas clearance for your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes?


Shoebox Sharon said...

Thanks for your inspiring posts. I'm a shoeboxer for 14 years and I'm beginning my 15th year. I, too, am a bargain hunter. My church joined me about 5 years ago. We collect things year around and we were able to fill chock-full 1026 boxes last year. Quite amazing since there is only 70 or so in our little church. The Lord blessed and we were able to send all of the shipping fees.
I found it interesting that your Dollar Tree marks down Christmas items. NONE of them here do that. But we do have lots of dollar generals in our area and we've been able to find good stuff there. Keep posting --it is an encouragement to me and others, I'm sure.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Hi, Sharon! Thanks for sharing your shoe box story -- I love to hear other's stories. Wow! You and your church did amazing! We have DG's, too, but they don't usually have much once there is clearance, but we keep looking! Thanks for letting me know you find encouragement in my postings. I often wonder if my time could be spent better elsewhere--then someone takes the time to let me know they find help thru what I do here. Thanks.

J Rodney said...

You found some great deals for the boxes. My favorite is Target clearance, and I got a bunch of toys at 70 percent off.

I'm still waiting for it to go to 90 percent off though, and I sure hope to find some stocking stuffers for the boys for next year.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Hi, JR! I love reading your Target shopping posts -- but none around here :-( . Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Shoebox Sharon said...

Don't forget this is a great time to buy candy canes. I got some at Walmart for .24 for a box of twelve. We put them in with other candies. You can get them into the sandwich size bags.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

My daughter always likes to add candy canes, too! They are so fun! She was my shopper and didn't bring any home so she must not have seen any. Great reminder, tho! Glad you got some.

Denise Marie said...

Luv it!! Maybe I can remember to hit up Dollar Tree after Valentine's/Easter this yr to double my $$. Target had a TON of candy canes 90% off but the date was 10/15 & I chose to wait for this yrs Halloween or Easter treats.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great idea, Denise Marie! I so wish we had a Target -- we don't have much. But, I'll find a way to fill them :-) .

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.