November 16, 2017

Last Minute Shoebox

What do you do when you realize your church is going to drop off 499 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes at drop-off centers during collection week? Well, if you're really into organization/evenness you and your sister pack one more the night before you go to volunteer at a drop-off center to make it an even 500!

Thankfully we had some extras left from last year, plus some things we'd started picking up for next year, it worked out just fine packing from our shoebox stockpile.  We went through our packing list and were able to get things from all categories, and end up with a nice, full, fun box...I like every box to be great, and I feel it lived up to our standards, even though it wasn't planned!

This shoebox ended up being for a 5-9 boy so we could use the water shoes we'd got at Dollar General this week for $0.10.  Check out other 5-9 boy boxes we've packed!

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