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Removing Packaging to Fit In a Go Box through Operation Christmas Child

One of the things I struggle with when packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child is being able to send everything I would like to in the box.  In the past I've sometimes packed larger boxes, but the more I've learned the more I realized the importance of using normal sized boxes, the more I worked on learning more ways to get things to fit.  One of the biggest things I've learned is to remove packaging.  This also helps reduce trash int he receiving countries (which often don't have good infrastructure), and opening tricky containers

If you left all the items above in their packaging, they'd fill the giant silver boot box...which is a bit too big!  I'm not even sure the big box would fit in the shipping carton.

Here's what went in from the different categories:

Once I took it out of the packaging, it still took some creative packing to get it all to fit, here's a layout of that:

If it'd be easier for you to see a video of how it all went in the box, after removing packaging, check out this one I made:

What's your favorite tip for fitting more in a shoebox?

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Lin K said...

Thanks for the video. This is amazing to see how much you were able to get into 1 shoe box. Please do this again with a 12-14 yr old girl shoe box. I work hard to get as much as possible into a box but can sure use some more tips from you!

Sarah said...

I have one left I haven't turned in yet...if I get a chance I'll unpack it, and video me re-packing it.

Susan @ FruitfulWords said...

This is impressive. You got so much in there. Is this the new sized GO box? Did you find a place to get that screwdriver at an inexpensive price?

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.