November 20, 2017

Office Depot Pencil Clearance

I stopped at Office Depot on the way home from church and found a good deal on pencils, so thought I'd share to help others maybe get it.

These 12 packs were 43 cents.  You can check UPC 735854906979 or Item # 425-164 at BrickSeek to get an idea of their probable price and availability at your local store.  These are one of the brands of pencils we checked in our pencil review post.

I also found this pencil sharpener:

It was 23 cents, you can see the from the above photo, the UPC is 735854027100 if you want to check BrickSeek.

The best part is we were able to use Office Depot rewards for things we'd bought earlier in the year and turning in used ink cartridges.

EDIT:  Adding this photo of more UPCs I found good deals on:

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