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Operation Christmas Child Shoebox for 5-9 Year Old Girl - 2017

We don't often pack many Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for girls age 5-9, because that's the group that gets the most boxes packed for it, but this year we did pack a few, and here's one my sister packed.  You can see lots of handmade goodies in this one that others shared with us!

If you'd like ideas for other ages be sure to check out my posts on OCC shoeboxes from this year for: Girl 2-4, Boy 2-4, Boy 5-9, Girl 10-14, & Boy 10-14 (will be updated with links as I post those boxes, until I do, here's a link to all the shoebox examples posts). 

NOTE: Different countries have different restrictions on what can be packed in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox due to customs-no candy or toothpaste in the USA going forward.  Be sure to check the guidelines from your national organization before packing!

What went into the OCC shoebox gift (Items with ** are on the list of "Wow" items):

  • Hygiene Supplies:
  • School Supplies:
      • Pens
        • 1-Red
        • 1-Blue
        • 1-Black
      • Pencils
        • 2-regular
        • 2-decorative 
      • Sharpener
      • Eraser  
      • Composition book
      • Protractor
      • Tape measure
    • Art Supplies:
      • Markers
      • Large coloring book
      • Pad of plain paper 
      • Spirograph type tool
      • Practical items: 
      • Outfit**:
        • Dress
        • Bracelet
        • Hair pins
        • Lace for hair
        • Cars Ring
      • Toys 
        • To play noisily or others
          • Ball
          • Whistle
          • Mini Apples-to-Apples game
          • Hotwheel
          • Maraca
          • Mini Clacker
        • To play with quietly alone
          • Gorilla 3D puzzle
          • BB maze
          • Top
          • Mini Turtle
          • Mini dinosaurs 
          • Cow Keychain 
        • Special
          • Rose
        • To "love"
          • Stuffed animal** 
      • Personal correspondence (not pictured)
        • Family photo 

      I know sometimes one of the hard things of packing shoeboxes is making things fit, so here's some photos I took of how it all packed in the box.

      Here are more examples of 5- 9 girl boxes we've packed.

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      Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.