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Thanksgiving Holiday OCC Shoebox Stockpile Saturday ~ 11/25 & 12/2/2017 ~ Saved over 50%

I skipped posting last week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so this week's post has a couple week's worth of stockpiling...and it's a lot because online orders with holiday codes came in!

I stopped by Office Depot on my way home from church, and got all these pencils...a great start for next year!  (for info on the deal and looking for the stock at your store, see my earlier post Office Depot Pencil Clearance)

We picked up a  few of the Hotwheel 5 packs Buy One Get One Free!  ...50 cents a car, not bad!

In going through/organizing some of my gift/letter-writing, etc stash getting ready for the holidays, I found some things that we could send in shoeboxes.   Also a couple sewn ornaments my grandmother had received over the years.

Decided to get ahead on our photos for next year, so took advantage of penny prints at Walgreens.

  I stopped by Bargain Hunt and was able to got some great deals....the kite was compare at $12, I got it for 60 cents!!! So exciting!

Here's my order from US Toy.  A lot of repeat things, plus some new things to try...pretty pleased...hope to post a review of it soon as I get time!

And here's my order from Kipp Brothers a few re-stocks from last year, and some new things-really excited about some, some okay, a couple not so great, hope to do a review soon, to share to maybe help others decide what to order!  I used a Black Friday/Cyber Monday code, but I think there is also one for shoeboxers...check out Shoebox Shopper's Facebook page.

My sister got some unused stuffed animals at a local thrift store.

We went back to Bargain Hunt for some holiday shopping, and I found this-compare at $3, spent 60 cents!  So cute!

We stopped by Office Depot and found LOTS of eraser caps packages for 14 cents! Plus some nice pencil cases for 44 cents, and rulers for 24 cents.  If anyone wants to check BrickSeek for the possible stock in their local store, here's the UPCs/Item numbers:

Spent from shoebox packing budget: $238.60 
Saved $254.28 or 52 %

Saved thru clearance:  $241.62
Saved through BOGO deals: $10
Saved through photo discount code: $16
Saved through Black Friday % off codes: $48.26
Saved through "Bargain Hunting":  $38.40
Plus, not figured in to these numbers is the fact I used Office Depot Rewards Points for both Office Depot shopping trips.

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Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.