December 30, 2017

Final OCC Shoebox Stockpile Saturday of 2017

It's hard to believe this year is already coming to an end!  But these will be the last things I've added to my stockpile for packing shoeboxes in 2017.

I have my mom some shoeboxes items as a gift...mostly theme items for theme boxes she is working towards.

CVS had clearance 50% off, including toys.  I picked up these wooden trains as a WOW item for $5 each.  I checked and they will fit okay in the new plastic boxes:

I also hit Dollar Tree's 50% off, and picked up some fun things.  Jingle bells out of which to make necklaces.  Some fun pencils, and of course stuffed animals!  And some zippered plastic bags for when we take things out of packaging or bagging our crayon boxes in case they get too hot.

I also at Freds, got some holiday items at 50% off, and some other clearance at 75% off.  Loved finding leather gloves for the 10-14 boy boxes.

I was very excited that my grandparents picked up some of the Office Depot Clearance deals for our shoeboxes, plus a couple other goodies. 

Someone from church also gave me some things they had gotten for shoeboxes, but decided to have me use instead.

Spent from shoebox packing budget: $46.09 
Saved $64.57 or  58% (plus at least that much again through donations!)

Saved thru clearance:  $61.57 
Saved through CVS email coupon: $3  

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