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Final Accounting ~ Organizing a Spur of the Moment OCC Packing Party

This is the "almost" final accounting of our spur of the moment packing party for Operation Christmas Child.  We had ordered some 88 cent sewing kits from a local craft store last week and they received the wrong item.  The supplier was to ship a replacement order to arrive yesterday...it didn't.  The party is tonight, so if it doesn't show up this morning my daughter will be buying them at Dollar General for $1 each.

Another thing keeping us from having a complete final accounting is the craft store in the past has given my daughter a 10% discount when buying things for the church, but she hasn't asked if that includes the supplies we picked up for crafting items and the sewing kits.  The store is keeping a running tally of what she is buying and will bill her once.  So without further ado:

Spending ($500 Budget given)

Shoe Boxes
  • Original Request:  at least 100
    • More if possible
  • 125 boxes ready to be filled
    • 22 -- 10 to 14 years old boys
    • 22 -- 10 to 14 years old girls
    • 18 -- 5 to 9  years old boys
    • 18 -- 5 to 9 years old girls
    • 10 -- 2 to 4  years old girls
    • 35 -- 2 to 4 years old boys

As I have reported she:

  • Went from store to store listing prices.
  • Figured what each box should cost.
  • Figured from that she could fill just 75.
  • Shopped at various stores to get the lowest price for each item.

If she had more time she could shop a little more and fill a dozen or so more with the cash balance.  But for the first time hosting a packing party and doing it in less than two weeks I think she did a fantastic job.  We had fun helping her!  Tonight...The Packing Begins!

Follow along with our family as I share our journey of The Spur of The Moment Operation Christmas Child Packing Party of 2013.

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Denise Marie said...

Y'all are gifted and make an awesome team!!

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.