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Operation Christmas Child Shoebox for 10-14 Year Old Boy- 2017

My dad is in charge of packing most of the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes we pack for 10-14 year old boys.

If you'd like ideas for other ages be sure to check out my posts on OCC shoeboxes from this year for: Girl 2-4Boy 2-4Girl 5-9Boy 5-9, & Girl 10-14. 

NOTE: Different countries have different restrictions on what can be packed in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox due to customs-no candy or toothpaste in the USA going forward.  Be sure to check the guidelines from your national organization before packing!

We like to try to add something practical in this age that might help them help provide for their family or start on a career, as in these countries they often need to around this age.  Something like a fishing kit, small tool kits, hand gardening tools (but not seeds), etc. In addition to more advanced school supplies like compasses and protractors to help them stay in school as these are often required for higher grades.  Of course, if you follow this blog, you know all our boxes get at least basic hygiene and school/art supplies, a clothing item, a ball, a stuffed animal, and a couple other toys.

What went into the OCC shoebox gift (Items with ** are on the list of "Wow" items):

  • Hygiene Supplies:
  • School Supplies:
      • Pens
        • 2-Red
        • 2-Blue
        • 2-Black
        • 1-Gel 
      • Pencils
        • 6-regular
        • 2-decorative 
        • 1-mechanical with extra leds
      • Highlighter
      • Sharpener 
      • Eraser
      • Spiral notebook 
      • Math kit
      • Desk plate with maps, etc.
      • Pencil Bag 
    • Art/craft supplies Supplies:
      • Colored pencils 
      • Plain paper pad 
    • Practical items: 
      • Tote bag
      • Safety pins
      • Flashlights
      • Tool kit
        • Screwdriver with different heads
        • Screws/bolts/washers
        • Mini zip-ties
        • Tape measure with level
        • Bag
    • Clothes:
      • Hat
      • Shirt
      • Gloves
      • Socks 
    • Toys 
      • To play noisily or others
        • Ball
        • Plastic Recorder Flute **
        • Whistle
        • Marbles 
        • Chess & Checkers game
      • To play with quietly alone
        • Punch Balloon
        • Ballons
        • 3D dinosaur puzzle
        • To "love"
          • Stuffed Puffin**  
      • Personal correspondence (not pictured)
        • Family photo  

      I know one of the harder things for me in packing a shoebox is getting everything I want to send to fit, and sometimes it helps to see how it fits, so here's some photos of how it all fit (for more ideas on making things fit, check out my making it fit series:

      Here are more examples of shoeboxes for 10-14 year old boys if you're looking for more ideas!

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      Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.