January 27, 2018

OCC Shoebox Stockpile Saturday ~ 1/27/2018 ~ Hard to Beat 90% off

Fred's stores are having 90% off clearance, and I went a couple times and got some fun stuff to pack in Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!

The penguin was too cute!  A pair of shin-guard socks which I hope to put with a soccer ball. And a couple packs of note-cards-9 cents each, to split up among older girl boxes.

The other trip to Freds led to more shinguard socks, stuffed animal, plus a couple other fun items.  I thought I could string the bells on yarn or ribbon or include with jewelry making kits. I normally don't include Playdough, but the workers knew I shopped for kids and were so excited about it I bought one-haha!

 I picked up some fishing supplies at a closing store from which to make kits for the older boys.

Also, got in some little mending kits I'd bought from AliExpress plus some bonus needles.  I'm planning the mending kits for older boys and needles to make sewing kits for the older girls. I bought them when they were running a deal.

Spent from shoebox packing budget: $10.54 
Saved $47.23  or   80%

Saved thru 90% clearance:  $41.69
Saved through closing store deals: $3.93
Saved through AliExpress deals: $1.61  

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