January 6, 2018

OCC Shoebox Stockpile Saturday ~ 1/5/2018 ~ Of Washcloths and Whistles

I had got a $10 off $10 or more JCPenny coupon in the mail in early December, but didn't have a store handy to go to.  So, I decided to hold on to it for Free Shipping Day.  And it worked!  JCPenny had free shipping on any order, and I found washcloths on sale.  I had to wait for the to get off back-order, but in the end, I got three packages for just over $2, including tax!  EDIT: I just found out something cool.  I went through SwagBucks like I always do, and got back $0.20 in SB, what I didn't know was they were having a special promotion-so I got a bonus $5 SB back, too!  It's like I made money buying the washcloths!!!

I also recently tried ordering from AliExpress for the first time, sadly only one 10 pack, of the eleven I ordered arrived, but on contacted the seller, the re-shipped, so I ended up with a bonus 10 pack, and the wait didn't matter as I didn't need them yet! 

Spent from shoebox packing budget: $11.54  
Added to Swagbucks account:  $5.20

Saved $38.48
Saved thru sales:  $16.48 
Saved through discount code/coupons: $11 
Saved through buying in bulk:  $11 

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