December 23, 2013

Memory & Matching Game Scrap Fabric Tutorial

I have hundreds of "armholes" cut from the Pillow Case Style dresses I have been making.  I need to be using them up some how.  I just know they can be put to good use as shoe box gifts.  The first project I decided to use them in is a matching game for the 2 to 4 year old boxes.  Since there are two "armholes" in each fabric they are perfect for matching games.

Fun working with these scraps knowing a little girl someplace is
wearing a new dress I've sewn for her.

I have seen these several different times and thought they were clever. I had a few sheets of felt, not all the same color, so I decided to put a twist on mine...or two....but that is no surprise, I seem to put a twist on everything I do.  I made some on each of three different background colors--this way they
can match those, too.  I also decided instead of just making squares, I'd make circles and triangles, too.  That way they can match shapes or fabrics or both.  I guess a home schooling mother never really retires...she just finds other unsuspecting "students" on whom she can shower learning opportunities.

Memory & Matching Game Scrap Fabric Tutorial
  • Cut felt squares:  3 1/2"
  • Cut Fabric:  Squares (3"), triangles (3") and circles (3"--I used a glass to get it round).
  • Center the fabric on the felt square and zigzag around the edge.
  • Tip:  Felt tends to grip the fabric.  If you stack all of your felt and fabrics together, as in how they will be sewn, when you pick up one set, be SURE the next fabric is NOT stuck to the back of the felt you are sewing.  As always, don't ask how I know this.  

I upcycled a greeting a card to make my shape patterns.

I also made a little tote bag to put them in following the instructions from this post:  Small Drawstring Bags.
  • Cut fabric: 8" wide x 9" long
  • Make boxed corners by sewing 1" in from points -- this will make the bottom square enough to hold 16 matching squares.  If you make more you will need a little larger piece of fabric and the corners will need to be longer.
  • Ribbon:  22"
  • I like to add a pony bead or two to the drawstring above the knot for a little added color.
This would be a great project for a crafting party--everyone could bring their scraps.  Some could cut shapes, some could cut felt, some could stitch them, some could make drawstring bags.  Or just get together and share your scraps and each make their own.

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