December 4, 2013

Packing Tip ~ Include a Letter & Your Mailing or Email Address in OCC Shoe Box Gifts

When sending an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift be sure to include a personal letter with your return address or email address inside.  Many times a child receiving a shoe box will write those who sent it.

Correspondence from an Operation Christmas Child shoebox recipient. We have gotten several over the years.  Some were children in hospitals and orphanages and like this one I received from Latvia, the young girl and her mother lived with her grandparents. We actually corresponded for a short while.  I can remember that she loved stickers and was learning English in school so corresponding was good practice for her.  Sarah received an email from an older sibling of a recipient of one of her boxes this year.  It included a picture of the girl with her box--that was fun because Sarah could tell just which box this girl received.

Also include a photo of yourself or family.  Those who hand out the shoe boxes say this is often the child's favorite item in the shoe box.  I remember seeing in a video, a young Spanish speaking boy waving the photo from his box and shouting "amigo, amigo."

If you could like some tips on writing a letter check out this post:  Tips on Writing a Letter for an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox.

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