December 18, 2013

Upcycling Christmas for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gifts

These are some ways we have up-cycled our Christmas wrappings into Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts.

Up-cycling at Christmas time for Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing.
These are some ways we have upcycled our Christmas morning wrappings into Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts.
  • When wrapping presents, have a shoebox or two nearby--if you have a small piece left over that will be hard to save, wrap the top or bottom of a shoebox.
  • When gifts are open, save the larger pieces of wrapping paper to use to wrap boxes.
  • Save the tubes from the wrapping papers and cut into "paper holders."  
    • Wrap with leftover or scrap paper.
  • Use wrapped shoeboxes as "gift boxes."
    • Ask your family and friends to wrap your gifts in shoe boxes--reminding them to wrap the lid and bottom separately.
    • Bows and ribbon can be used and carefully removed.
      • If you are doing the wrapping you can put a bit of scotch tape under the bow so when it is removed it does not tear the paper.
We are always looking for ways to up-cycle for our Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing to help us be able to send more.

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