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Jingle Bell Kid's Fleece Scarf Instructions ~ Designed for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox

I love when something inspires me to create something new for an Operation Christmas Child shoe box gift.  Pam Suter, The Unofficial OCC Critter Creator (click to read her story:  Add A Little Love), has been crocheting little bears with scarves on.  At the end of some of the scarves she has put little jingle bells.  When I saw pictures of these a light bulb turned on!  Why not add jingle bells to
end of scarves for 5 to 9 years old boxes?  Sort of like bells on a toddler's shoes.

I chose not to do 2 to 4 years old, because the bells can be bent and the little clapper can come out and possibly be a chocking hazard.  I also chose to use fleece, but I hope to crochet some later on. I'll be looking for more jingle bells on clearance after Christmas.

Jingle Bell Scarf Instructions

  • Cut Fleece 7" x 50"
  • Feed a piece of ribbon thru the jingle bell loop -- about 3" of ribbon, depends on how long you want the ribbon on the bell.
  • With right sides together fold scarf in half with jingle bell on the inside at fold and some of the ribbon hanging out (this ensures you will catch it when sewing)
  • Stitch across--back stitch across ribbon for added stability
    • If using a sewing machine, you may need to use a zipper foot or move the needle position as the bell wants to get in the way, depending on how long you want your ribbon to be.  I did mine dangling about 3/4" from the end and moved my needle position to be able to sew it
  • Repeat on other end
  • Turn right side out
  • Lay flat and stitch near top of the edge of the folded part
  • Tuck it into a shoe box to pass it on to a special child!

Threading My Way offers an ongoing link party for posts about scarves and hats.  Many contain tutorials, but all are great for ideas and inspiration.

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RedHeadedRhonda said...

cute, love it, have ridiculous piles of fleece solids that would be fabulous for narrow scarves; I can whip those out on the sewing machine after christmas; since family is coming here, I know the dining room table will be cleared off.

Disclosure: Links on Simply Shoeboxes may be affiliate partners or referrals.